Our event will be located in the Jackman Humanities Building, located at 170 St. George St. The JHB is located across the street from St. George subway station (110 meters away). At the subway station, there is an escalator leading up to the St. George St. exit, but unfortunately the elevator is located at the Bedford St. exit (250 meters from the JHB). 

There is bicycle parking in front of and behind the building and the closest parking lot is located in the Faculty of Education at 371 Bloor St West -- in between the two subway entrances. Parking is $12/day. 

The majority of the conference proceedings will take place in Room 100, directly to the right of the main entrance. The doors will be closed during the panel presentations, so that participants aren't distracted by outside noise, but volunteers will be stationed outside of the entrance to assist those with wheelchairs and other mobility devices. 

The workshops will be held in one of three rooms: on the first, sixth, and seventh floors respectively. All floors are accessible via elevator, and the JHB has three separate elevators of varying sizes. Each bathroom on those floors has an e-door and a wheelchair accessible stall. Regrettably the washrooms on the 6th and 7th floors aren't gender neutral, but we'll be speaking to building staff to make them gender neutral during Sick Theories. 

  • There no steps leading into the building. 

  • There are working e-doors for both entrances and exits.

  • The event is held on one flat level with no interior stairs. 

  • All aisles and passageways have wheelchair clearance and turn around space.

  • There are three single-use washrooms on the first floor, one of which is wheelchair accessible. The bathrooms on the other floors of the building each have a wheelchair-accessible stall. are accessible; there are no stairs, all have e-doors, low sliding locks and grab bars, are large enough to permit wheelchair turn clearance, and the sink, tap, soap, and towels or dryers can all be reached from a wheelchair.

  • Accessible seating will be reserved, with an empty space for chairs/scooters. 

  • The building has maintenance people working all day and will ensure that snow and ice is removed from the sidewalk and entryway. 

  • We request that the event be kept scent-free. 

  • There will be ASL interpreters present throughout the conference proceedings as well as CART.

  • The event will be live streamed for those unable to attend. Please check back here on November 8 for the YouTube link.

Our gratitude to Dorothy Palmer for sharing her accessibility checklist with us so that we could make Sick Theories as accessible as possible. If you have any concerns about accessibility, please feel free to contact Margeaux or Lauren at sicktheories@gmail.com.