MVS Sick Theories Artist Roundtable

Presented by the Visual Studies Program, Daniels Faculty
Moderated and curated by Lauren Fournier 

Thursday, November 8th

6:00-7:00 Artist Roundtable: “Sick” Practices

Carly Mandel: Wellness Prototypes
amber williams-king: 3 o’clock
Megan Moore: Mnemonic Specimens
Heather Huston: Waiting Room and other works
Frances Maranger: Bearded Ladies
Gloria Swain: Madness & Black Lives Matter

7:00-7:30 Artists’ Screenings

Alexis Bulman: Jump and Slap and Up-Stack, Down-Stack
Angela Glanzmann: What am I supposed to get out of this?
Elif Isikozlu: 4 Etudes in the Key of Uncertainty: Etudes I & IV
Lynx Sainte-Marie, way home
Gloria C. Swain, Black Mental Health
Thirza Cuthand, Love & Numbers

7:30-8:30 Performances

lo bil, Moving Weirdly
Kristel Jax, Drone Therapy

Accessibility Information: Two washrooms, one male and one female, that are washroom accessible with push-button doors, are located a few feet from the Hall. It is all on one level. Every entrance has an electronic door operated by push-button.

Friday, November 9th

Glad Day Bookshop
499 Church St.

Accessibility Information: Bathrooms are on the main floor, are wheelchair accessible, and are gender neutral.
The entrance to the store is at street-level and wheelchair accessible.